Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair


Concrete Repair


All cast in place concrete includes structural steel reinforcing of some sort.  This reinforcing steel is vulnerable to corrosion from water penetration, and this corrosion often called "rust-jacking", is the most common cause of concrete failure.

With decades of concrete repair experience, Mid-Continental Restoration Co., Inc. is one of the best in the business. Without compromising the structural integrity and load capacities of each individual structure, we work closely with structural engineers and architects to perform the best possible solutions with concrete repair.

Concrete repair must be approached with a high regard to safety due to overhead work. We pride ourselves on creating a safe work environment to protect our employees and the safety of all parties involved in the project.

"Very cooperative, capable and friendly people, who seem to take pride in their work, and a personal interest in the overall project. Hope to use again."
~ Ed Allcorn, Connellee Hotel, Eastland, Tex.

If you’re in need of concrete repair, we’re perfect for you. Give us a call and allow us to get the job done with the best solutions possible with the safest environment.

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