Riverfront Community Center

Located on the banks of the Missouri River in Leavenworth, Kansas the Riverfront Community Center was constructed in 1888 as the Old Union Train Depot. In 1987 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has since been repurposed to a community center for the City of Leavenworth.

The toll of time had taken its effect on the sandstone elements of the south wing, freight wing and north hall which were included in this project. Harsh freeze/thaw cycles in the regional climate had caused enough deterioration to warrant replacement of all sandstone elements including the sandstone belts, windowsills, corner quoins, scrolls and copings.

Careful preconstruction field measurements and dimensions were captured and provided to the stone supplier, Old World Stone in Canada. Most of the replacement stones weighed between 300 and 750 lbs. which made handling & hoisting of the stones challenging without chipping the edges. Furthermore, acidic cleaners were not allowed for removing mortar smears on the newly placed stones which required neat and careful craftsmanship.

The toll of time had also taken its effects on some areas of the face and backup brick which required some rebuilding and repointing. The mortar color within the face brick varied on different areas of the building between pink and red which created a challenge establishing a good color match. Several mortar color samples were installed by adding mortar color to the mortar mix in the field to obtain the correct shade.

This is a project that had many interesting challenges and we are proud of the accomplishment