Riley County Courthouse

The 100+ year old Riley County Courthouse is located in Manhattan Kansas. Due to natural weathering, the exterior of the historic building was in need of restoration and cleaning. Mid-Continental Restoration was selected to perform a variety of work scopes on both the courthouse and annex buildings.

All stone surfaces on the courthouse building were cleaned in order to remove years of algae buildup and discoloration. In order to access the hard to reach areas on the backside of the clock tower, a 150 foot articulating boom was used which added significant complexity and cost to the project. The building’s metal dormers and cornice were repainted which helps protect these surfaces from weathering, in addition to the aesthetic improvement. Window frames were re-caulked and repainted to protect the building’s interior from moisture. All open mortar joints were re-pointed and deteriorated stones were patched to prevent water from penetrating the masonry façade. In addition to this work on the courthouse, the windows on the annex building were re-caulked and a breathable water-resistant coating was applied to the brick exterior. This work has restored the exterior and will help to extend the functional lifespan of both buildings long into the future.