Traffic Coatings
Deck Coating Applications

Traffic Coatings, commonly referred to as Deck Coatings, are an effective solution to protect elevated concrete slabs such as balconies, parking decks, and stadiums. Deterioration within these elevated slabs is a common problem if left unprotected and can be very expensive to repair.

When moisture penetrates the concrete slab and encounters the reinforcing steel, corrosion can occur causing the steel to expand, resulting in damage to the surrounding concrete. Salts and de-icing chemicals only exacerbate the steel corrosion. After cracks begin to form in the concrete, more moisture penetrates, expediting the corrosion, ultimately affecting the structural integrity.

The Process

As with any application, surface preparation is the key to success. Surfaces must be clean and structurally sound. The cleaning process usually includes a mechanical process that “roughens” the surface to improve adhesion of the coatings.

Traffic coatings systems are available for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Vehicular systems require more durability to withstand the traffic and will generally include additional applications of the coating materials. These systems are usually polyurethanes, epoxies or polymethyl methacrylate bases (PMMA’s). These can be used as stand-alone systems or in some cases can be used in combination with each other.

Most of these systems have a variety of color options and most can provide a decorative finish, if desired. Decorative finishes are more costly and are commonly used on balconies and smaller applications, where the single-color applications are used for larger applications such as parking decks and stadiums.

In conclusion, Traffic Coatings are an excellent way to protect elevated concrete and protect your investment. Choosing the correct product and system is crucial to meeting the desired performance and appearance. Having the product manufacturer involved in the selection process is highly recommended.