Exterior Building Inspection

Inspecting the exterior of your building annually is a very good practice that can help catch problems early on, preventing these from morphing into large and costly repairs down the road. This is not a difficult task and most problems can be spotted with the naked eye. On high-rise structures, a drone inspection is a cost-effective solution. If you see any of these problems on your buildings, you should contact a professional to get these investigated and repaired sooner rather than later. Some of these could be symptoms of very serious issues.

Here are some key problems to look for:

  • Open Mortar Joints
  • Spalled and Cracked Brick Faces
  • Failing Sealant Joints
  • Steel Lintel Corrosion
  • Efflorescence Build-Up
  • Spalled Stone Units
  • Distressed Structural Concrete
  • Damaged EIFS

The best advice is to not wait until your building is leaking to inspect the exterior. Be proactive and identify problems early on, allowing you to deal with them in bite-size chunks instead of having to eat an elephant all at once. These problems are easy to identify with an annual visual inspection.