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The Historic Star-Telegram Building - Fort Worth TX

 The Historic Star-Telegram Building project consisted of cleaning the terra cotta using Prosoco EnviroKlean 2010 detergent and gentle low pressure water washing.  All existing sealants were removed from the terra cotta stone to stone joints and skyward facing terra cotta stone to stone joints were then resealed with BASF Sonneborn NP-2 urethane sealant while the remaining joints were pointed with new type “N” matching mortar.  Large impact spalls in the terra cotta were patched with a three step process.  First, the patching area was sawed out and chipped to a specified depth to receive the new patching compounds.  Second, Edison Coatings Thinfill 55 was placed over the patching area and sanded smooth to mimic the existing terra cotta surface.  Third, the patched area was then coated with Edison Coatings Elastowall 351 waterborne breathable coating, colored to match the existing terra cotta.  There was a large crack over a window on the East elevation that was repaired within the scope of this project and the entire building was then rinsed and all window sills cleaned to conclude the project.

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