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Throckmorton Street Expansion Joint Repair

(Fort Worth, TX)

The Throckmorton Street Parking Garage Repair project was undertaken to repair the structural concrete damage of the vault ceiling of the below grade parking garage that was damaged due to water penetration from the above street/expansion joint. The water penetration caused corrosion of the structural steel of the vault ceiling and support columns which led to spauling of the concrete. A new steel and structural concrete support system was designed and installed to maintain the structural integrity of the vault ceiling at the location of the repaired expansion joint. The overhead asphalt street and below grade concrete were removed to expose the expansion joint of the vault ceiling of the garage. All deteriorated concrete of the expansion joint facing was removed, new structural steel was installed, new joint facings were poured and a new expansion joint was installed. After installation of the expansion joint, the area was waterproofed and the sub-grade concrete, sidewalk and asphalt street were replaced.

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