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First National Bank & Trust

(Okmulgee, OK)

The First National Bank & Trust project of Okmulgee, OK consisted of a thorough inspection of all brick elevations of the structure. After inspection, all void and defective mortar joints were repaired, all elevations were cleaned with high-pressure water and all brick surfaces were treated with a water repellent solution. All aluminum frame-to-masonry window perimeter joints, metal-to-masonry flashing joints, brick-to-brick horizontal shelf angle joints and all vertical brick-to-brick control joints were repaired by removing the existing sealant, cleaning the joint and then re-sealing them with the proper type of sealant. This project also included the re-sealing of the glass atrium of the building (glass-to-metal and metal-to-metal joints) by removing all sealants, cleaning the joints and then re-sealing with the proper sealant.



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