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1721 Main Street

(Parsons, KS)

The 1721 Main Street project in Parsons, KS was initiated due to water penetration into the commercial structure. The owner experienced large puddles of water on the carpet and water dripping through ceiling tiles before notifying Mid-Continental. MCR inspected the structure and found issues with the current roof as well as masonry issues on the north, west and south elevations. MCR handled all the masonry work scopes which included high pressure water wash of all exposed elevations, repair of all cracks in stucco and brick/block, cleaning and painting of all steel lintels, replacement of all masonry-to-frame sealant joints, replacement of all control and building-to-building sealant joints and finally application of two coats of an elastomeric, durable, flexible waterproof membrane.   Mid-Continental located a local contractor to perform the roofing work scopes and we worked closely with this contractor to provide the owner a complete solution to the water penetration issues.

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