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Kerr Hall

University of North Texas

(Denton, TX)

The University of North Texas – Kerr Hall project was primarily a window replacement project on one of the university residence halls. The project was designed to address the poor thermal performance of the original window systems that were install when the building was built in the 1950’s. The original return-on-investment calculations showed that the windows would pay for themselves over a 5 year period. The project consisted of the removal of 238 windows which were recycled for LEED credits. These 238 windows were then replaced with high thermal performance windows and then resealed with 11,400 lineal feet of sealants. All brick and pre-cast stone joints on the building were also cleaned of existing sealants and repaired to a sound and water-tight condition. After project completion, the owner stated that at current HVAC performance the retrofit would beat the originally projected return-on –investment calculations.

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